Lacing your corset.

Here we show a good method on how to lace a corset. This style is more difficult to use at first, but is better at stopping the laces from slipping while you are putting it on and easier when you finished the lacing to pull it tighter. The lacing you can do yourself, even if the closure is on the backside, but take your time for this. With a back lacing and no busk, you can lace it on front and then turn it around.


Step 1

Start by feeding the lace through the set of eyelets closest to your waist, from the outside of your corset, creating a loop on the outside, depending on the style of corset, one end should be a bit longer then the other.

Hold the two sides close to each other (or count eyelets) and lace from the inside out, leaving the two eyelets across the loop free. This is where the loose ends will finish. Now you can lace to the top of your corset, skipping one eyelet.






Step 2

When you arrive at the top, go down filling the eyelets you left open. It does not matter if you end up outside or inside at the top, this depends on style of corset, if you skipped one eyelet per time it ends up correct. Make sure you use the same system going down, otherwise it does not look nice. The system we used here has the least friction on the leather, crossing over and under.

When you arrive at the waist across the loop, you are finished with the top part.







This is the same as going up, again, make sure you use the same system, crossing under and then crossing over has the least friction on the leather. When arriving at the bottom of your corset, continue lacing up. You might end up at a different side at the bottom, this is because the amount of eyelets is different then going up. Reaching the waist, you meet with the other lacing, tie the two ends together, creating a loop.

Now, with a back lacing, you can turn the corset around.

By pulling the loops, slowly, you tighten your corset, tie them in a bow, and the work is done.

f you have a corset with a busk closure, you can do this lacing before putting it on, leave enough space to close the busk, you might damage it when you hook it up under pressure. When taking your corset off, take care with the busk as well, make sure there is no pressure on the busk while you unhook it.

Remember that throughout this whole process to keep the laces untwisted as you won't be able to do this once it is closed.





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