Leather Straitjacket.

Our award wining strait jacket, at least, we like to think so!
This jacket comes with lots of closed D rings, 21 in total. Closed means they are welded, and won’t open when you pull. Zippers over the chest, straps going between the legs so the jacket will stay in place, straps over the back zipper and a strap over the arms, no getting out of this one!

We have male and female versions, of the same quality of course, but since female bodies are different, they deserve a different jacket, a bit more elegant, hidden zippers over the chest and smaller -1 inch- D rings and buckles. The male version has 1.5 inch D rings and buckles.

On request we can make the jacket with zippers on the hands, so it is possible to get into it on your own.
Made in thick, supple leather or in white, firm canvas.

Leather straitjacket 495,- euro
Canvas straitjacket 225,- euro

              Female version                         Male version