This corset is made to fit a man's body, the same techniques are used as in the female corsets, and they are made to last. Waist reduction is 6 cm, 2.5 inch standard, front and back closure with lacing, so it�s easier to adjust to your body type.

A new leather corset can be compared to wearing new shoes, you need to break it in. Most men are not used to wearing something as tight as a corset, this was a reason as well to make it with two closures, you can loosen the back, wear a nice jacket over it, more comfortable and still looks good.

The front has one point going up, and two points on the bottom, resembling a gent�s waistcoat, the back is straight. One or more buckles over the lacing makes this a nice piece to wear.
This corset has 8 panels, with steel bones in every panel. Made of high quality cow leather, lining with suede, standard is without buckles.

Breathcatchers: 274,- euro 

  • Up to three buckles in front: 7,50 euro each

  • Only front closure. no extra

  • Only back closure. no extra

  • D- rings on the side panel: 10,- euro

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