Straight corset.

Our straight underbust corset is a nice piece, 8 panels, and flat steel bones in every panel to keep the corset nice in shape.

The name says it all, it�s straight at the top and bottom.
A standard 6 cm, 2.5 inch, waist reduction is used, we can make yours with more reduction.

Lined with suede, very comfortable to wear. Model shown has three buckles over the lacing. The standard straight corset has lacing in the front and no buckles.

Breathcatchers: 264,- euro


  • Lacing closure in the back: no extra costs
  • Lacing closure in the back and front: 10,- euro
  • Busk closure in the front with lacing in the back: 15 euro
  • One till three buckles over the lacing or busk in front: 7,50 euro each
  • D- rings in side panel: 10 euro
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