acing your corset

There are several ways to lace a corset, starting at bottom or top, cross lacing and tying it at the end.


Here we show a different method on how to lace a corset.

This style is more difficult to use at first, but is better at stopping the laces from

slipping while you are putting it on, and easier when you finished the lacing to pull it tighter.

The lacing you can do yourself, even if the closure is on the backside, but take your time for this.

Step 1.


Start by feeding the lace through the top set of eyelets, from the inside of your corset, one side of the lacing should be longer then the other, about half.

Begin with the shorter end, its easier that way, feeding from the inside of your corset as in picture one.


About halfway, at the point of your waist, you stop lacing down, leaving the shorter end going out of your corset, picture one, here you can make a loose knot in the lacing, so it wont slip out.


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